Value = Joey Ciamacco. A while back, I had a buddy of mine named Jon (who I didn't know well at the time) visit the shop. He needed a little help building some stair treads out of reclaimed lumber from a dry dock in Oregon. Through our time together, I heard a little more about his story...a successful musician that I greatly respect...a true artist at his core, born to create, born to innovate. I instantly liked the guy. He told a little of his new undertaking as being the leader of another musician a younger than him, and just as every bit as talented. I remember hearing the excitement behind his voice...he wasn't threatened by his new protege's talent...he just wanted to release it. I remember knowing that I needed to hire a guy like that soon...a man who was talented and could add a unique, rare, and hard to find skill set to t1f. Enter Joey Ciamacco...Joey is our most recent craftsman that we've employed. He has already added value to our team with his welding, wood-smithing, and creativity. In two weeks, he has astonished me with his attention to detail. I am fully impressed with his ability to create what I envision. He has talent...and we're about to release it. When you find a guy like this, you keep him. Joey is going to be creating some amazing pieces in the months and years to come. Welcome with us...Joey Ciamacco. (The pictures of him are kind of funny I know...but I get to decide...I'm the old guy...and his boss. :)

Josh Mabe