T1F is all about innovation...exploration...breakthrough. The photos below look like a science experiment is about to happen. What you're seeing however, is new's a new take on a bench we've built for years. Essentially we designed a knife plate for these benches...and with that simple unique element, I can guarantee you this knife plate will be seen over and over again in different variations and for different purposes in the years of art to come. 


Value = Joey Ciamacco. A while back, I had a buddy of mine named Jon (who I didn't know well at the time) visit the shop. He needed a little help building some stair treads out of reclaimed lumber from a dry dock in Oregon. Through our time together, I heard a little more about his story...a successful musician that I greatly respect...a true artist at his core, born to create, born to innovate. I instantly liked the guy. He told a little of his new undertaking as being the leader of another musician a younger than him, and just as every bit as talented. I remember hearing the excitement behind his voice...he wasn't threatened by his new protege's talent...he just wanted to release it. I remember knowing that I needed to hire a guy like that soon...a man who was talented and could add a unique, rare, and hard to find skill set to t1f. Enter Joey Ciamacco...Joey is our most recent craftsman that we've employed. He has already added value to our team with his welding, wood-smithing, and creativity. In two weeks, he has astonished me with his attention to detail. I am fully impressed with his ability to create what I envision. He has talent...and we're about to release it. When you find a guy like this, you keep him. Joey is going to be creating some amazing pieces in the months and years to come. Welcome with us...Joey Ciamacco. (The pictures of him are kind of funny I know...but I get to decide...I'm the old guy...and his boss. :)

Pourtions Keg & Kitchen

We had the privilege of working with Pourtions Keg & Kitchen in Denver. Pourtions is the NATIV Hotel's onsite tap room and restaurant in the LODO district. In addition to the custom tables throughout the restaurant, Josh created artistic wall installations using wood flooring reclaimed from a WW2 factory that made gloves. The lighting fixtures above the bars were made from beams and the standing bar was crafted from a reclaimed I beam. Josh built the main bar from steel with a scratched copper patina. We absolutely love how it all came together!

Go check it out sometime!!  Pourtions Keg & Kitchen

why reclaimed wood?

Some think using reclaimed wood sources is just a trend, but for us and many others, it is a way of life. While the work surrounding reclaimed wood may be more extensive and time consuming, we think using renewable resources is well worth the effort for many reasons:

• Curbs deforestation and allows us to be better stewards of creation.
• Decreases landfill content and use of man-made materials.
• Preserves the history of our land, tells a story and adds personality to the new creations.
• Has the strength and stability of old growth forest trees.
• Gives each piece a 100% original, unique look....full of character!
• Can be used in such a variety of clever applications.
• Inspires the artist to make each piece resourcefully distinctive and is extraordinarily beautiful.

it's all in the details

Enduring craftsmanship is the backbone of all our pieces. But the intricate design details are what make T1F furniture and installations artistic, fun, unique, and full of personality! We love to hand-piece together patchworks of colors and textures, and have so much fun incorporating new mediums and sources that create one-of-a-kind options for our clients. It's all about the details for us...quality work and beautiful artistry.

We love the character in the reclaimed wood we use. The marks and flaws just make it that much more appealing!


Creating mosaics of colors, wood sources and textures gives each item its own unique identity...pieced together from the individual histories to write a new life chapter.

We love artistic ingenuity! Pairing reclaimed wood with turnbuckles, glass inserts, metals of all kinds, vintage signage/plates, and other unique items gives each creation that showpiece quality in the home.

Functionality is also very important to us. An attractive desk that doesn't have quality, working drawers isn't all that valuable. We not only take the time to make each T1F piece beautiful, but also highly functional for each purpose and need.


We love it when we can tell the story of the wood in the details of the finished piece. Things like marks on blackened wood that survived a forest many stories of redemption and hope to share!


a unique history

We love the part of our artistry where we get to preserve and add a new chapter to the unique story of each piece of wood we find. These 4" thick Douglas Fir pieces we just got in will have a new life as stair treads in a staircase. But their history is also very unique...they are from the Portland Shipyards dry dock #2 built in 1920. These pieces were part of the rich history of shipbuilding in the Portland, Oregon area. It's so intriguing to think of the ships that may have used the support of this wood over the decades...steamer ships, barges, maybe even WWII military vessels. Now, with their new purpose, they can continue to tell their amazing story. 

red potential

come on...these are amazing reclaimed planks from a semi truck. a colorful description isn't necessary. i have a few creative ideas for them...even starting with just this picture minutes after pulling them off my truck and dropping them off at the studio. only a shadow of what they will be soon.



the client for this piece gave me no boundaries to search for a rugged possibility. i was commissioned to simply be creative. perfect. the stories and sources explored in this liquor cabinet push the limits of freedom. and freedom breeds discovery.

think different

you've seen granite counter tops a thousand times. the rock is timeless yet this piece i watched timeless begin to embrace creative possibilities 



the offset

this trade requires everything in me at times. it's not suburban in anyway, it's rugged, challenging and dangerous. but, it will always provide an offset, or counterbalance. it happens in a moment when the piece is finally complete and reveals its new nature. here i took a farmstead barn that's seen generations of the peters family and preserved it in a piece of art. the reveal, the offset...was captured in the pictures below. 

1-Lost and Found.jpg

metal influence

metal influence

metal has been drawing me in lately. at times i think it speaks a style no other material has the ability to. it obeys very few rules except remaining cold and strong regardless of it's application. but beneath it's surface are warm colors to be discovered. and so it's influence in my most recent pieces has been demanding my attention. 


hey all...i've been throwin' around this idea for a let people take a closer look into what i'm thinkin' here in the studio at twenty1five.  maybe you'll get more familiar with our process and hopefully you'll be inspired by the stories we get to tell through the art embedded into the furniture i create.  you'll see a different side of twenty1five from my perspective...possibly a look inside my journal if you want to think of it like that. not quite sure where this page will actually end up takin' us...but that's life huh...and the fun of it too. :)  i thought the pics below capture what I'm hoping to accomplish here in the thinklab...just chewin' on a way to make this piece work. have a good one. 


1-entry 1.jpg
1-entry 2.jpg

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