Knife Block Designs 

Hand-crafted knife blocks from some of our most unique pieces of wood that we hand-select from the truck loads of wood we get to work with. Twenty1Five designed knife blocks are truly impressive. If you want to showcase a set of knives in your kitchen, there is nothing as impressive as these on the market. After months of testing out different designs, these are a few that are sure to be a discussion point with your guests.

Pricing: $175 - $225 each depending on the style chosen



Cutting board Designs

Endless possibilities on our cutting us, these are pure fun. They're a heck of a lot lighter than our tables, but every bit as durable. Each one has it's own badge number on the side of it to identify what order it came in. We can do edge grain, or end grain boards. Pattern or chaotic pattern. Contrasting colors or uniform. You tell us what you want, the dimension you want, and we'll take care of the rest. Built to last a lifetime...and then some.

Pricing: $150 - $250 each depending on the style and species of wood chosen