Design & Build

So here's where we stay ahead of the curve...this is where we dream...and risk...we design, and then we build. We have a constant supply of fresh air ahead of us, and this is a small little snapshot into the planning stages of what keeps us breathing. These projects ensure that we aren't mass producers. We treat each job with an incredible attention to detail. Whether you are simply wanting a table that will last generations, or an environment for your brewery or mountain modern home that literally changes the way you live...we always look ahead to create something for you that is truly unique. Check out where we're going...and if something catches your breath...let us know, we'll bring you some fresh air too.


MODERN TABLE 17: inverted cantilever / original

MODERN TABLE 49: glass table top / steel legs / boxcar plank

MODERN TABLE 27: minimalist design / refined industrial bolts

300 ISLAND 79: reclaimed bamboo / steel top / 12" pipe base

Whiskey Table Image.JPG

whiskey barrel Table: Blackened Steel Legs / Whiskey Barrel Wood and Steel Top


MODERN TABLE 17: original design / refined industrial

MODERN TABLE 43: white steel plates / red patina hardware

MODERN TABLE 23: elegant lines / reclaimed wood / glass top

MODERN TABLE 77: red patina steel legs / maple cross braces

MODERN INDUSTRIAL TABLE 80: glass top / knife plates


PIKES PEAK BREWING COMPANY: mountain modern vibe

JAXON: clean modern vibe / steel cladding / reclaimed walls

Waterfall Opposite.JPG

ALTO: mountain modern vibe / steel accents / reclaimed walls

300: mountain modern vibe / reclaimed cedar / rusted steel

Stryckers Web.JPG