refined collection

Live Edge Walnut

Elements: 235 year old Recovered Walnut Tree / 21 feet long…yes, feet / 42 - 60” Wide /

1800 pounds with a blacked steel ribbon base / like nothing you’ve ever seen before

Walnut Waterfalls

Elements: Live edge Walnut / spilling waterfall legs / finished to perfection

3 square

Elements: Solid oak top / modern and smooth / 3 refined steel legs / Pedestal base

entry table

elements: Cherry Beam / blackened steel

coffee / side tables

elements: beams of various species / waterfall steel

side tables

Elements: tube steel / end grain solid wood


Elements: waterfall steel / Live Edge walnut


Elements: Waterfall Live Edge Walnut / Mortised in blackened steel

bistro table

Elements: balanced chaos steel / copper laced wood slabs

Live edge Bench

Elements: Live Edge slab / Blackened steel leg and connector plates

Live Edge Dining Table

Elements: Live edge slab / merged with refined steel inlays / balanced chaotic legs