At Twenty1Five, creativity runs wild while detailed artistry reigns king. At the helm, founder Josh Mabe inspires innovation and leads by example – with a mission to make old things new, originally specializing in reclaimed wood furniture.

Today at Twenty1Five, Josh is joined by architect Brandt Vanderbosch of Vertical Arts and a strong team of skilled craftsmen focused on transforming and customizing entire modern environments.


“Our creativity has never been reproducible. In our shop, creativity is a way of life. It’s the grinding crucible of problem solving, every single day. But we aren’t just striving to be creative; we are driven to be the best in design, construction and fabrication.”

— Founder Josh Mabe




Josh Mabe is the artist and inspiration behind Twenty1Five. His passion for furniture making ignited while working as a middle school shop teacher and saving scrap wood from student projects to incorporate into new pieces. Josh believed that every piece of wood could be rediscovered for artistic and functional fit within furniture and home design – setting the foundation of Twenty1Five to this day.

Josh founded Twenty1Five alongside his wife, Jennica, within the family’s garage in 2011. Josh’s drive and creativity fueled the company’s growth through expectation defying projects that transform entire environments.

Josh enjoys spending time with his wife and family at a nearby creek, mountain biking, and snowboarding – enjoying the Colorado outdoors together.




Brandt Vanderbosch brings a lifelong passion for craftsmanship to the Twenty1Five partnership – developed as a teen working alongside his grandfather to craft and build distinctive projects at a lakefront resort in Michigan and working in construction as a master carpenter and homebuilder. Today, Brandt is the principal of Vertical Arts Architecture and interior design firm Stel House + Home – bridging the gap from architecture & design to furniture fabrication for high-end custom residential, hospitality and large commercial projects.

Brandt enhances Twenty1Five’s ability to fulfill more specialty environment and furniture fabrication needs while Twenty1Five allows Brandt to craft Vertical Arts’ designs to a greater scale within a high-level collaborative design process.

Brandt is heavily involved within the Steamboat Springs community coaching youth sports and he loves playing recreational volleyball or exploring the outdoors with his family. 



Lead Concept Artist/Project Lead

With a background in fabrication, Devynn designs without limit, knowing she will be a part of the Twenty1Five problem solving process of every impossible project she conjures up. A steely resolve and witty attitude she is a contender amongst the boys – no need to lose sleep on her behalf. 


Jason Tipton

Shop Manager

Tipton, Tipton, Tipton… If efficiency were a person it would be this guy. A boasting, driven and scintillating personality – his true role among us is the glue of this entire operation, from social aspects to cracking the whip in the daily grind. There is not a soul on Earth that doesn’t take to this man. 


Colton Weatherford

Lead Wood Fabricator

A curious kid in the world of craftsmanship and an old man in mind and soul – the combination? A (little too) playful yet talented and well-respected fabricator among the Twenty1Five crew. A positive attitude with caution regarding practicality – the man proves to be a crucial aspect day in and day out. A part timer – his name is often forgotten among his team members.


Chris O'Daniel

Lead Steel Fabricator

Methodical, he approaches every project with a thousand inquiries – the result? Darn-near perfection. Detail and refinement are where his talents truly show. To put it simply Chris illustrates the Craft in Craftsman. A character in and of himself, Chris is the teller of stories among our crew – that is if he doesn’t lose his train of thought along the way. 


Orren Bremrose

Lead Install/Wood Fabricator

A born leader and cheerleader, Orren quickly wedged himself into the Twenty1Five atmosphere, encouraging and guiding his team members along with an eager willingness to learn from them as well. Articulate and Precise, Fun and Punchy he sits comfortably here and has brought a critical skillset to our team from years of construction experience. 


Anthony Griglione

Steel Fabricator/Welder

Jovial and Down-to-Earth is who he is, mastery in his workmanship is what he does. Impressive from start to finish in his confident approach Anthony gets it Done. His wealth of knowledge stemming from vast experiences gives us an edge when it comes to unique applications. 


Shawn Ford

CAD Tech

Shawn brings his life stories into work everyday along with years of knowledge and experience in making plan sets for our skilled craftsman. From research to collaboration with engineers and designers alike his final product launches his team members onto a path of success. 


TJ Mabe

Shop Worker

Intelligent, reserved and hardworking, TJ spent a lifetime learning technique and skills from his father – leading to the execution of projects with the refinement of a craftsman well beyond his years. He is still the grunt though, which the boys are happy to remind him of – all in good fun.


Trisha Stubblefield

Office Manager

A wealth of experiences in life and in work, Trish is a fun, willing and ambitious addition to the T1F team. She manages the office in such a way that creates efficiency and productivity through her diligence and drive.


Brian Nicely

Project Manager

Level headed, Brian leads each of our projects with seeming ease, the go to guy for questions – his experience answers. With a background in fine carpentry his passion has created finesse in his leadership of the shop. 


Bill Kiely

Steel Fabricator/Welder

Easy going, Bill treads softly in each of his projects – assessing with scrutiny as he goes, always willing to learn along the way. Quiet and humble, Bill can be found in the back corner of the welding bay – speaking loudly through his flawless production.