T1F Design & Build Process

Our Colorado based team of experienced and skilled craftsman, artisans, and design professionals practice the best customer service and use the highest quality materials to translate inspiration into reality.

What to Expect:

1 - Listen and Collaborate

To start the T1F Design & Build Process, give us a call or fill out the T1F form here.  We will take a look,  get to know the scope of your project,  and set up an initial design meeting.

In that initial meeting our T1F team can listen and learn about your design goals and collaborate with your team to guide you through the design & build process.

2 - Design

The T1F team uses 3-D technology to design your custom pieces and verify your approval for final bids. We can provide product samples and renderings to describe every detail of the project.

*Design fees apply

3 - Create

When the T1F fabrication team starts to create your project, we will ensure you are notified of any changes. In the custom world we always leave room to collaborate to ensure you get what you are paying for.

*Change order fees may apply

4 - Deliver

Once your T1F piece(s) are ready for installation or shipping, our team will deliver the highest quality customer service in a timely manner to ensure your satisfaction.

*Delivery & Installation fees apply