We started out years ago pioneering the use of reclaimed wood in furniture and the creative environments we've built. And now, we are providing those same materials for your own projects. We aren't just a pretty website and a broker of reclaimed wood...we actually know how to use a hammer...and we understand humble beginnings. Not only can we supply you with whatever kind of reclaimed wood you need, but we can also help teach you and train you to use some of the same tricks we've learned over the years. Our customer service is superior simply because we've used the same materials we sell. If you need reclaimed wood for a small DIY coffee table, or you're a contractor that's cladding the entire exterior of your home, we've got you covered.

Reclaimed Grays

Our gray patina siding comes in various natural silver gray tones. This material has many uses, the most popular being exterior and interior siding and soffit. Other uses may include interior wainscoting, paneling, ceiling liner, cabinets, baseboards, furniture and window and door casing.

This material, when used as siding, can be applied edge to edge, board on board, or even milled with a shiplap profile for a flat wall look.

Reclaimed Browns

Our brown reclaimed softwood siding offers a warm and textured finish to your interior and exterior applications.

Reclaimed Reds 

Our reclaimed red stain softwood siding is a favorite for people going for the true restored red barn look and feel.

Reclaimed mixed Materials

Our signature Twenty1Five reclaimed wood line is our highest contrast look. We pull our wood from multiple sources, multiple states, and multiple species to create the perfect accent wall.

Mantels / beams

We can supply you with an authentic reclaimed beam for your mantel project, or be your source for reclaimed beams for an entire home. Whether your needing hand hewn beams or dimensional lumber, we have you covered.

reclaimed boxcar / semi decks

Our reclaimed boxcar and semi truck flooring are a great option for tables or desks. They are usually made of a hardwood species and have just the right amount of character in them to give your modern environment that perfect industrial balance.

Let us know how many square feet you'll need for your project and we'll get it on a truck to you right away. And because we work with these boards all the time for our restaurant environments, we'll plane them down for you just the way you want it so they'll be ready to use for your own DIY table!

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