When can I expect my custom furniture piece to arrive?

Most custom pieces are ready for delivery within 6-8 weeks after receiving your initial deposit. We may be able to move-up a delivery date depending upon our shop schedule. We will clarify a longer timeline for your project depending on the desired level of customization or a longer process – such as curing a custom slab prior to fabrication. A “move-up” fee may be available within urgent situations.

What is your process for a piece of custom furniture?

Our Twenty1Five process is simple, easy and collaborative:

1st: You share your vision for the custom piece through inspiring pictures of similar items, measurements, colors, and textures of the space and rooms around the piece – with an indication of budget.

2nd: We provide basic concepts of what we envision for the piece to include general sizing, materials choices, sample pictures, etc. – including our budget estimate

3rd: Your project deposit – typically 60% – reserves time within our fabrication queue while we finalize an exact design – collaborating with you from concept to final design using 3-D renderings and material samples. With pricing confirmed – including changes within the final design – your project moves into fabrication.

4th: Upon completing fabrication, your final payment is required upon delivery or pickup from our shop in Palmer Lake, CO.

How will my residential installation project work?

Seamlessly! It is our goal that each environmental design installation is a joy throughout the process and upon completion. We collaborate with all parties – architect, builder, designer, trades – so that our work compliments your project schedule. Depending upon complexity, your residential installation my include site visits during framing, collaboration with the builder and multiple trades, and potentially multiple installation steps by Twenty1Five. For Example : A typical fireplace build-out will include our site visits: during framing – to locate our hidden fastening system, after painting and flooring – to install the hearth, and near completion – to install cladding and mantel.

Can I be involved in the design process for my custom furniture?

Absolutely! Most of our clients are deeply involved during the initial design collaboration – sharing their project vision – to assure their long-term enjoyment as we complete the build process.

Do you deliver?

Yes. We hand-crate and ship worldwide – from international shipment to a holding warehouse or a white-glove delivery and installation on site. You may also pickup your completed project from our shop in Palmer Lake, CO – we would love to introduce you to our Twenty1Five team.

How heavy will my table be?

Pretty heavy! Using real wood within all our products, our custom tables are often 2-3 times heavier than a typical furniture-store table. We typically crate and ship our tables in multiple parts – with simple directions – to allow a couple people to carry and install using a drill/driver.

How do I care for my valuable custom piece?

Most wood finishes only require cleaning with a soft cloth and warm water. We will provide specific care instructions for any products depending on other finishes or steel patina.

Do you provide a warranty?

Twenty1Five guarantees our materials and labor for 1-year from the date of delivery.