Josh, do what you want with our space. We trust your eye, we love your style. So create us an environment that will allow our customers to feel they’re aren’t just somewhere special, but that THEY are special because they’re here...
— Mike A

Dream with us at t1f. It's our foundation stone. Without dreams, ordinary prevails. We dreamed, and then spent the past 5 years building those dreams. We now have enough experience and confidence that there is a way almost any dream can be made a reality. Take a look at our portfolio and past work to use as inspiration for your one of a kind piece.

We'll guarantee you that we'll never create another like it, so you can claim it's style as singular and yours alone. A previous client recently told me what he says to those who visit his home and ask, "Where did you get that?" His answer is perfect. "Trust me," he says, "You're in no danger of owning a piece like this."