The BOXER. Made of reclaimed box car planks or semi truck planks, have spend a lifetime of traveling the country. We love stories like this; where the material used has been overlooked and trampled on for years. It's on the verge of being discarded in a landfill somewhere until it decomposes into nothing. Then, t1f steps in. We clean it up, sand it down, spend hours filling in holes and repairing scars. Yet, we don't remove all the marks that give it character. Those are part of it's story. But thankfully, the scars are only part of it. The other part is what happens next, when a maker takes the scars and creates something beautiful with it. In the end, what has been overlooked for years is now the very thing that attracts everyone's attention. 

3 standard available table top dimensions: 40 W x 72 L x 30 T / 44 W x 84 L x 30 T / 48 W x 96 L x 30 T

Base only $3900

Base plus a solid boxcar top is $5900

Custom dimensions available - contact us for pricing