Red Potential

Red Potential

Come on...these are amazing reclaimed planks from a semi truck. A colorful description isn't necessary. I have a few creative ideas for them...even starting with just this picture minutes after pulling them off my truck and dropping them off at the studio. Only a shadow of what they will be soon.



The client for this piece gave me no boundaries to search for a rugged possibility. I was commissioned to simply be creative. Perfect. The stories and sources explored in this liquor cabinet push the limits of freedom...and freedom breeds discovery.

The Offset

This trade requires everything in me at times. It's not suburban in anyway, it's rugged, challenging and dangerous. But, it will always provide an offset, or counterbalance. It happens in a moment when the piece is finally complete and reveals its new nature. Here i took a farmstead barn that's seen generations of the Peters family and preserved it in a piece of art. The reveal, the offset...was captured in the pictures below. 

Think Different

You've seen granite counter tops a thousand times.The rock is timeless, yet this piece I watched timeless begin to embrace creative possibilities.

Metal Influence

Metal has been drawing me in lately. At times i think it speaks a style no other material has the ability to. It obeys very few rules except remaining cold and strong regardless of it's application. But beneath it's surface are warm colors to be discovered. And so it's influence in my most recent pieces has been demanding my attention. 


Hey all...I've been throwin' around this idea for a let people take a closer look into what i'm thinkin' here in the studio at twenty1five.  Maybe you'll get more familiar with our process and hopefully you'll be inspired by the stories we get to tell through the art embedded into the furniture i create.  You'll see a different side of twenty1five from my perspective...possibly a look inside my journal if you want to think of it like that. Not quite sure where this page will actually end up takin' us...but that's life huh...and the fun of it too. :)  I thought the pics below capture what I'm hoping to accomplish here in the thinklab...just chewin' on a way to make this piece work. Have a good one. 

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