Twenty1Five Owner Josh Mabe

Twenty1Five Owner Josh Mabe

Meet the Owner

Josh Mabe is the artist and inspiration behind Twenty1Five.  To him, any piece of wood can be rediscovered to fit into a beautiful work of art.  Josh started building tables while he was a middle school shop teacher.  Never wanting to waste, he would take the scrap wood from the students projects, and begin to incorporate them into his furniture.  The reaction to his creativity was phenomenal.  The rest is history.  He's down to earth, but passionate about design.  He and the Twenty1Five team strive to make every old piece of wood they find into something you will cherish for a lifetime.  

Josh also enjoys hitting the trails on his mountain bike, snowboarding, and spending time at the creek by his house with his wife and three children. 


At Twenty1Five we have a mission to make old things become new again.  Some may think using reclaimed wood sources is just a trend, but for us and many others, it is a way of life. While the work surrounding reclaimed wood furniture may be more extensive and time consuming, we think using renewable resources is well worth the effort for many reasons:

• Curbs deforestation and allows us to be better stewards of creation.
• Decreases landfill content and use of man-made materials.
• Preserves the history of our land, tells a story and adds personality to the new creations.
• Has the strength and stability of old growth forest trees.
• Gives each piece a 100% original, unique look....full of character!
• Can be used in such a variety of clever applications.
• Inspires the artist to make each piece resourcefully distinctive and is extraordinarily beautiful.

So whether your prefer mountain modern, mountain rustic, reclaimed industrial, or just straight from the farm, we will use the best naturally sourced materials for your one of a kind project. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION


685 County Line Rd,
Palmer Lake Colorado 80133
(719) 246-0989